Feb 11, 2009

First Cashout from sponsoredtweets

Make Money From Twitter

Phew... At last! Now I'm eligible for cashout from sponsoredtweets. The minimum amount to be able to cashout is USD 50.00.

Just checked my accounts and its shows the total amount of $52.88. Extra $2.88 from the cashout threshold. The amount of $52.88 comes from 36 opps and supportive referrals (thank you so much!):

After pressing the withdraw button, it will asks for the amount to be withdrawn, details and paypal email.

Easy right? I checked my paypal account. I am $50.00 richer! I only cashout $50 , the extra $2.88 in sponsoredtweets account will hopefully help me to cashout faster second time.

So guys, make sure you have your paypal account. Registration is free.Click the banner below.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit  card payments instantly.

If you are not yet registered to sponsoredtweets, feel free to register here and make some pocket money. You can put me as your referral if you want.

p.s If you (especially who make me their referral) have any question playing sponsoredtweets feel free to ask in comment section or tweet/DM me.

Sumber: http://www.zulseffort.net/2010/03/first-cashout-from-sponsoredtweets.html

Make Money From Twitter

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