Aug 10, 2010

Billionaires By Age--Who Got Rich How Young?

Billionaire convicts and inmates

Wong Kwong Yu, 41, was once one of China's most celebrated and wealthiest entrepreneurs. He was the nation's richest person in 2006. Now he is behind bars, sentenced last week to 14 years in jail after having been convicted of insider trading and bribery. [+]

Self-Assessment: Are You Born To Be A Billionaire?[+]

In Pictures: Billionaire Convicts And Inmates[+]

In Pictures: Billionaires By Age--Who Got Rich How Young?[+]

Billionaire Playgrounds 2010[+]

Technology's Young Billionaires[+]
2010 marks the return of the young tech billionaire, as surging tech stocks and private valuations put the likes of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and's Marc Benioff back on the Forbes billionaires list..........

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