Feb 11, 2009

3 Simple Steps to Earning More from Google AdSense

AdSense isn't tricky if you know what to do to optimise your ads for more clicks. Most web masters just stick their ad-code in some dark and murky corner of their site, hoping to wake up millionaires the next day but that just won't happen. Show your ads some respect and THEN watch as they earn you some green stuff.

Place Your Ads as Close to the Action as Possible

Your ads should be as close to your content as possible. On sites with lots of content, I find that embedding a single "Large Rectangle" unit at the top-left of the article works wonders. You want the article to "wrap" around your ad so that your eye can't miss the ad even if it tried. Read More

Author: Norio De Sousa
Maxiware CC, Centurion, South Africa

Article Source: http://www.freearticles.co.za/internet-marketing/adsense/3-simple-steps-earning-more-google-adsense.html

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